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Welcome to MacDonners online ordering website. If you want to reach a fast-food takeaway near you that consists of various Indian dishes, freshly made pizzas, Kebabs, juicy burgers, golden crispy fish and chips and other delicious dishes, we are the best choice for you.

Our Great taste comes from the unique and secret spices and sauces that set our foods apart from our competitors. If you are tired of the same repetitive tastes, just try the once, you’ll soon be on our spices good side.

Our team provide hygienic preparation and packaging of foods, and completely adhere to the Coronavirus safety regulations, so that you can trust our collection and enjoy your meals. We also have contact-free home delivery.

Our beliefs are simple; in a world full of so much terrific food and beverage, we are innovative, fresh and tasty.

By ordering online, enjoy an extra 10% discount.

We are pleased to provide you with service in our two other branches in Vincent St and Albert Rd.

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